• Kendy Izaguirre Stapleton

Are personal changes making your loved ones uncomfortable?

How do you deal with your personal changes and spiritual views? What do you do when you’ve started to see the world differently? What if it goes against everything you’ve been taught. What do you do? Do you shrink back and ignore your own views so that you don’t disrespect your loved ones, friends, and people you have known your life? What do you do when what you’ve learned is no longer servicing you and simply has stopped making sense? Perhaps not even your current friends are full-filling and you have a bigger craving for more spiritual conversation. Conversation that makes your body and soul vibrate with happiness. What do you do when you feel like you no longer fit in with you own family? Do you feel as if you don’t have anything in common with them anymore? How do you deal with the questions that you will be faced with from your family, friends, and co-workers? What will you do when this situation arises? What’s wrong with you they say… You have changed… Are you depressed?

It’s not easy for all involved. I do believe deep down they fear we are starting a new path. As we decide to take this undiscovered path, it will challenge your loved ones to respect your decisions, and give them the opportunity to let go of judgments. Do be prepared for some difficult tasks that you might go through. There may even be a possibility that you will be disowned and looked down upon by your family and friends. Please do not get discouraged as you start to uncover the real you. Look at this as an opportunity for them as well. They need to work on letting go of all the judgments they have about you. They need to truly learn to love unconditionally. I really believe that most of us do not know the true meaning of loving someone unconditionally. Most of us are only loved if we meet the expectations of our parents. Some of you may be lucky to have a family that only stays mad at you for a short period of time while other family’s anger might be more permanent. I know that upsetting our family and friends can be a very difficult task. It will be one of the most challenging choices you will ever find yourself making. Please hear me out, not following your calling and your path can lead you into a battle of depression and total dissatisfaction. I’ve learned that what really brings me joy is to walk my own path and reach my own goals that I’ve set for myself. That has brought me an immense reward. Regardless of what your story is and whatever changes you might be going through, stay strong. No matter how things may turn out between you and your loved ones, the path for discovery might not be the easiest. If you decide to go down the path till you have reached your target, this will be one of the most rewarding accomplishments in your life. I’m not encouraging you to disrespect your family and friends but only suggesting to be patient with them. If you haven’t read Corinthians 13, I invite you to do so. It is such a powerful verse.

When you decided to change yourself for the better, your changes and your joy will be contagious to others. You will energetically be inviting others to have the courage to be themselves. Whatever you choose, be kind and patient. Remember that everyone awakens at their own time.